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"Creating art is a very individual and emotional journey. A place I can express and lose myself completely"
Karen is a global selling Wildlife and Abstract artist. Working from her studio at home in Hampshire, UK
Karen is hugely inspired by the wild, in particular the spirit of animals, surrounded by their natural habitat. Captivated from early trips to Kenya, South Africa and Asia, Karen has experienced some breathtaking moments. 'I want to evoke a feeling in my work of these moments in time' Animals, in particular, are refreshingly unaware of their beauty, when only survival is key.
Visiting a number of animal sanctuaries, along with working for Wildlife Aid in the UK for a number of years increased Karen's awareness of the struggles and decline that our Wildlife are facing. It is important for Karen to use her work to raise awareness, and support vital conservation charities to maintain a balance.
Karen is a member of the Farnham Art Society, exhibiting work through local galleries and exhibitions including Farnham, AppArt and a number of major art fairs. Karen works with a number of collaborations and was delighted to be invited to join the 'Artists For Painted Dogs' group of world renowned wildlife artists. In its inaugural exhibition in 2020, it raised an incredible £40,000 for wildlife charities, followed by a further £10,000 for a number of British Wildlife Trusts.
Karen has also enjoyed working in collaboration with wildlife artist Sally Goodden, to create colourful and engaging themed walls of art at the children’s Minor Injury Units in Southampton and Portsmouth. 
Follow her Facebook page and Instagram to keep up to date with current work and upcoming events. 
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