"Creating art is a very individual and emotional journey and has remained my biggest passion, a place to lose myself and be myself completely"
I am a Hampshire based artist, working from my studio at home, where I live with my family and Cookie the chocolate lab. I like to combine learned techniques with individual creation, often with a dramatic, even abstract approach to that of a photograph captured.
I have a huge connection to wildlife and nature, in particular the characteristics and spirit of animals, in thriving and equally vulnerable situations. To bring out the personality and beauty of my subject, that is totally unaware of it, is my passion. I have been lucky to work with British wildlife, understanding their characteristics and have captured some beautiful moments on camera of wild animals in their natural habitat. Later creating my interpretation in the medium of acrylic and pastels. I love the use of vibrant colour to bring energy and excitement to my work, to captivate my audience and bring a room to life!
I am a member of the Farnham Art Society, exhibit work through local galleries and exhibitions including Farnham, AppArt, the Leatherhead Theatre Gallery and recently at a number of Art Fairs. Keep an eye on my upcoming events page to see where I will be exhibiting next.
I have enjoyed working in collaboration with the talented wildlife artist Sally Goodden, to create colourful and engaging themed walls of art at the children’s Minor Injury Units in Southampton and Portsmouth.
I am also delighted to be one of the 4 members of the ‘WILD’ collaboration working with Fiona Pearce, Lisa Bartlett and Penny Fleet.
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I support charities in conservation and for the protection of our wildlife and their environments.

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